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Futurist, Innovation Catalyst, and Tech Entrepreneur
Acting Systems Administrator, Neuroscience Knowledge Network

Scott Joy has been an developing and applying leading-edge technologies for the past forty years. He has led the design and development of the first microprocessor-based computer for children (Smart Alec, 1978); the first Internet Cafe (The Planet, 1980); and the first pen-based, pocket-sized, integrated computer and communications device (Uni, 1990).

onAir Networks

OnAir Networks is the leading infrastructure developer of web software and host for knowledge networks that facilitate knowledge sharing and accelerate knowledge creation through easier to use, more integrated and effective crowd-sourcing, curation, and communications methods and technologies.

Neuroscience Knowledge Network

Neuroscience Knowledge Network

Welcome to my OnAir website

I have been working on developing, with a diverse group of talented collaborators, a new web-based system/platform called “onAir” that will facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

The OnAir system is a proprietary system owned by onAIR networks. The original inspiration for starting the company was to find better ways of employing the latest web technologies to Accelerate Innovative Research through creating networks focused on specific research disciplines and challenges.

To learn more about OnAir Networks, contact me at

Academia fights the sequester

Academia fights the sequester

 Universities lobby to stop sequester

An array of university officials worry about cuts to federal research funds and other programs.

Sequester cuts university research funds

Federal funding reductions threaten scientific projects in campus laboratories across the country.

Jeffrey Hammerbacher, Chief Scientist at Cloudera on Big Data

Jeffrey Hammerbacher, Chief Scientist at Cloudera on Big Data

Jeffrey Hammerbacher, Chief Scientist at Cloudera on Big Data … applying to life sciences esp. neuroscience

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