Managing a Mind

Article  in 24 WAYS to impress your friends by Christopher Murph

Some Quotes below…

“On 21 May 2013, I woke in a hospital bed feeling exhausted, disorientated and ashamed. The day before, I had tried to kill myself.

It’s very hard to write about this and share it. It feels like I’m opening up the deepest recesses of my soul and laying everything bare, but I think it’s important we share this as a community. Since starting tentatively to write about my experience, I’ve had many conversations about this: sharing with others; others sharing with me. I’ve been surprised to discover how many people are suffering similarly, thinking that they’re alone. They’re not….

Added to this pressure to keep up, our work is now undertaken under a global gaze, conducted under an ever-present spotlight

We need to learn to say no a little more often. We need to focus on the work that matters. This, coupled with an understanding of the mind and how it works, can help us achieve a happier balance between work and life.

Don’t waste your time. You only have one life. Make it count.


Why TED Is a Recipe for Civilizational Disaster (video)

Benjamin Bratton TEDx talk (text of video here)

“I think TED actually stands for: middlebrow megachurch infotainment,” says the noted cultural theorist.



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