Why TED Is a Recipe for Civilizational Disaster (video)

Benjamin Bratton TEDx talk (text of video here)

“I think TED actually stands for: middlebrow megachurch infotainment,” says the noted cultural theorist.



Whole Earth Catalog, 1971 production in Saline Valley, CA

Whole Earth Catalog, 1971 production in Saline Valley, CA

Kevin Kelly uploaded on 11/4/13

This is about 20 minutes of super 8 film that Stewart Brand shot in the winter of 1971. It documents the production of the January 1971 “Difficult But Possible Supplement” to The Whole Earth Catalog. Supplements were 60-page long magazine-like periodicals that appeared seasonally between the many-year cycle of the book-like Catalogs.

This films shows (briefly near the end) the simple tools used to make the catalogs: paper, wax, an IBM Selectric typewriter, and a Polaroid reproduction camera.

There were 6 staff from Whole Earth, and 2 from Ant Farm, an art collective. Ant Farm built the structures. The camp was centered around a beautiful wild hot spring. 70 miles to the nearest phone. They erected a dome in the desert and then battled the winds while trying to erect an inflatable structure. It was Burning Man 40 years ago.

The wind came up and blew away the production inflatable (bounding across the desert), and they had to move production of the Catalog into the Airstream that Stewart and his wife Lois lived in. Ant Farm lived in their little dome (seen trucking from one site to another).

I asked Stewart why they went to the ...

Previous Education & Research Projects

Previous Education & Research Projects

– As part of masters degree program in Education at the University of Massachusetts, worked with leading New England educators and large suburban real estate developers exploring how to design and build new kinds of educational communities (Discovery at Briggs Pond, 1970) and Supplemental and Alternative Programs (SAP Directory, 1972)

– Established one of the first futures research consulting firms with Jerome C. Glenn and leading futurists including Alvin Toffler, Herman Kahn, Ted Gordon, and Willis Harman  (Future Options Room, 1974)

– Designed one of the first microprocessor-base computers for children (Smart Alec, 1978)

– Designed and co-developed  some of the first consumer applications of the microprocessor licensed to Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers ,and other toy and game companies (Scientific Entertainment Company, 1979)

– VIX (Video Information Exchange), a pioneer in the sharing of information over cable (1983)

– Formed a non-profit foundation to provide a variety of educational materials, programs, and funding to support researchers and students in neurosciences and bioengineering  (Brain Research Institute,1984)

– Created an incubator for the artificial intelligence industry which brokered management, marketing, and technical services for the nascent AI industry (AI Group ,1985)

– Designed web-based knowledge/research portals for aggregating information and knowledge on ...

Making good mistakes

“If you are not making mistakes, you’re not taking enough risks. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before" Debbie Millman.

Francis Bacon on the Dark Side of Curiosity and the Vanity of Knowledge

Brain Pickings April 2013
by Maria Popova

How to keep one of the greatest human gifts from becoming one of our most cumbersome curses.

“Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider,”

Top picks from  WiredAcademic- August 26, 2012

Top picks from WiredAcademic- August 26, 2012

Wired Academic Home Page

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Roundup: Khan Academy Launches Computer Science Academy Khan Academy turned a major corner in its evolution and development this month as it launches a computer science training program that could rival CodeAcademy and others. Here’s a roundup of how the tech media covered the announcement. MORE

America’s Math Problem: Should The US Subtract Algebra Education? Half of community-college students take remedial classes, and only 10 percent of those who do graduate within three years, Business Week reported in May. And a fifth of four-year college students enroll in remediation, of whom only about a third graduate in six years. MORE

Mark Cuban Calls On Universities To Invest In Digital Job Skills Training “I’m talking about FREE educational resources, anyone with the focus and inclination and access to a pc on the net has a chance to learn a digital skill that can be of value to these new digital companies ...

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