Science by Design: Exploring the Details of Exploratory Hall

There’s nothing random about Exploratory Hall.

In fact, the operative word during its five years of renovation and development was “intentionality.” The layout, the fixtures, the furnishings, the flooring, the lighting and even the wood panel in one of the three-story atriums are all intentional by design. II, is rich with subtle details that enrich the collaboration between student to professor, and student to student, while surrounding them with symbols of science.

Charles Jencks and his gardens

Charles Alexander Jencks is an American architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer. His books on the history and criticism of Modernismand Postmodernism are widely read in architectural circles. Jencks now lives in Scotland where he designs landscape sculpture and writes on cosmogenic art.

“We are living in a new paradigm. We now know the universe back to the beginning; we know so many things that upset the modernist Newtonian worldview,”

What Matters: What is the city of the future?

McKinsey Quarterly  on urbanization

As the demand for urban space grows, the world is responding with new kinds of cities: smart cities, instant cities, and aerotropoli that are all but attached to airports.What Matters posts dispatches from around the world on these new urban forms.

Visit the site this week to explore the following new essays:

Saskia Sassen, professor of sociology at Columbia University: Talking back to your intelligent city

Richard Dobbs, a director of the McKinsey Global Institute, and Jaana Remes, a senior fellow at MGI: What’s the biggest limit on city growth? (Hint: it’s not steel or cement)

Greg Lindsay and John Kasarda, authors of Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next: At home in the aerotropolis

Jim Fortune, elevator engineer and head of Fortune Consultants: Going up: Vertical transportation in the 21st century

Sean C. S. Chiao, executive vice president, China, for AECOM: Planning China’s megacities


• In case you missed them, read last month’s essays on this topic, including: The Debate Zone—as the world urbanizes, will the most successful cities result from top-down planning or bottom-up innovation? Stan Gale, chairman of Gale International, and Alfredo Brillembourg, founding director of Urban Think Tank, weigh in.

• Two weeks ago, we asked readers from around the world to post photos ...

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