How Long It Takes to Form a New Habit

We are what we repeatedly do,” Aristotle proclaimed. “Could the young but realize how soon they will become mere walking bundles of habits, they would give more heed to their conduct while in the plastic state,” William James wrote. But how, exactly, do we rewire our habits once they have congealed intodaily routines? We already know that it takes more than “willpower.”

Dr. Gregor videos

The antioxidant power of American breakfast fare is compared to a smoothie that contains berries, white tea leaves, and Indian gooseberry (amla) powder.

Less Wrong-ALAP

Less Wrong-ALAP

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Faith, Hope, and Singularity: Entering the Matrix with New York’s Futurist Set

The messianic Mr. Yudkowsky also helped attract funding from his friend Peter Thiel, an early Facebook investor and noted libertarian billionaire whom Forbes pegs as the 303rd richest person in America.


Ironically Thiel has spoken and written a lot lately about how we really live in a technologically stagnant era. At a recent high level meeting of the world’s elites he asked why Google has accumulated nearly $50 billion in cash, yet the company doesn’t seem to know what to do with it while the money’s purchasing power decays through inflation. He conjectures that in fact most forms of progress in engineering involving stuff (for example, in nuclear power) have become effectively illegal, so that Google really doesn’t have any good ways of investing that hoard to cause further technological breakthroughs. In effect Thiel has taken an antisingularity position.


Many members of the Less Wrong meetup group are hopeful enough to have invested in cryonics; some are even cryonics counselors. At the party, Ms. Vance, who glided around the room with the head-bob and muffled laugh of a very polite ...

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