A Bitcoin Discussion with Andreas Antonopoulos starts at minute 2 [video]

Larry Ellison, Jobs, Bezos

Larry Ellison, Jobs, Bezos

All adopted…

Larry Ellison,   Steve Jobs    Jeff Bezos

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talks Google, Apple and the NSA

Scarcity, Abundance, and Jobs

Scarcity, Abundance, and Jobs

WE LIVE LIKE GODS, and we don’t even know it.

Cumulative advantage

Cumulative advantage

...someone who is incredibly successful may owe their success to a combination of luck and cumulative advantage rather than superior talent

Do Great Things, Justin Rosenstein

Guest contributor Justin Rosenstein is the co-founder of Asana.

"We have a greater capacity to change the world today than the kings and presidents of just 50 years ago." Yet I fear that our industry is squandering its opportunity and its talent.

Asana videos in post

Financing- Angel’s List

Startups   Angels List    9 Tips for Raising Startup Funds on AngelList  This Week in Startups (1hour video interviews)


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