EyeWire- Crowdsourcing neurons

EyeWire is a game to map the brain from the Seung Lab at MIT. Anyone can play and you need no scientific background. Over 130,000 people from 145 countries play. Together we are mapping the 3D structure of neurons; advancing our quest to understand ourselves.”

I have started playing this game to learn more about the structure of neurons as well as how best to implement citizen science.  I have created this set of posts which I am using to capture 1- My scores 2- Chat conversations and 3- Ideas on how to better motivate game players (eyewirers) 4- How to apply what I learn about playing the game…. more

By joining EyeWire, you can help map the connectome, starting with connections between retinal neurons. EyeWire gameplay advances neuroscience by helping researchers discover how neurons connect and network to process information. You also help the EyeWire team, based at MIT, develop advanced artificial intelligence and computational technologies for mapping the connectome.

Sebastian Seung’s blog post Play EyeWire and Contribute to Neuroscience Research at MIT Introductory Tutorials on YouTube Wikipedia Entry

Nice summary by Times-Tribune reporter, Kevin O’Neill, who actually tried ...

Do dendrites have holes in it? (and chat with Mara Tara)

Appears that this neuron has a hole in it Cube  Cube #370501 (I think mystery cell 61B)

Here’s is adjacent neuron that seems to fill the hole

Holed filled below


Email chat with Mara Tara:

scottalap> Do neurons have holes in them like craters? <MaraTara> yes that occurs <MaraTara> do you have a pic? Yep… on my website here is a posthttp://scottjoy.onair.cc/2014/08/17/neuron-with-hole-in-it/ … Below the pic is another pic with the adjacent neuron that seems to be filling t <MaraTara> wonderful pic! you sure traced it right <MaraTara> you can see how the two dendrites match perfectly <scottalap> Thx for the Mara Tara… are you in Cambridge? <MaraTara> no I’m a simple player / scythe <scottalap> that was thx for the feedback. <faunhaert> the do that every so often find it best to fill it then delete the other nerve, some time a nerve completely encircles another too <MaraTara> yes that’s a good way to do it <scottalap> so Mara… then the filler of the hole goes with the second dendrite and not the first…I put the pic below the other one in the same post…. <scottalap> So are you saying that I should fill in the neuron being traced or leave it empty/ crater-like? <scottalap> it’s in the post herehttp://scottjoy.onair.cc/2014/08/17/neuron-with-hole-in-it/ <MaraTara> sry I was away a moment ...

Eye Wire Chats

Thread 1- inform that Trailblazing…  <scottalap> Admin: Why don’t you tell Eyewirers, in advance, when they are trailblazing a cube?  <r> below is an eyewirer who mentors others… Her accuracy is 99.8% <r> would it make a difference in how you played it? <r> hi <scottalap> Yes <r> how so? <f> the cubes are assigned randomly the first one done with highest accuracy gets the tb. we need accuracy <r> perhaps all cubes should be played with the same care you would give if you were trailblazing. <scottalap> Knowing that one is the trailblazer indicates no other human has worked the neuron trail <R> How do I get cubes to trailblaze? <> Trailblazing means you are the first one to submit this specific cube. You’ll get 50 points for it and more after 3 players have played it.   a> i know ever cube is new for me its like opening a package never know what i’ll find   <scottalap> Changes one’s mental perspective… Still thinking through this issue. My intuition suggests that I would be more careful with trailblazing and, one was not in the mood, one could <scottalap> skip the cube   <fa> maybe that is part of”why” you don’t know . we need every cube traced many times for consensus- different people find things missed like branches js <scottalap> Thx rinda for the feedback… Fascinating ciitizen science you all have initiated. I ...
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