Suggestions for Improvement

Suggestions for Improvement

1- After submitting a cube, reveal the accuracy rating (maybe even + or – from previous cube) at the same time as number of points

2- Leave cube up after see results for accuracy to see what did right or wrong…. (of course, would be even better if gave direct feedback like in tutorial).

3- Identify the best players (most accurate and most active).  Put them on hangouts (live stream their screens with audio comments) and have them communicate their best practices.

4- Have best players who can abstract their methods in a way that can be turned into algorithms that can be tested by AI and other best players.

Eye Wire Chats

Thread 1- inform that Trailblazing…  <scottalap> Admin: Why don’t you tell Eyewirers, in advance, when they are trailblazing a cube?  <r> below is an eyewirer who mentors others… Her accuracy is 99.8% <r> would it make a difference in how you played it? <r> hi <scottalap> Yes <r> how so? <f> the cubes are assigned randomly the first one done with highest accuracy gets the tb. we need accuracy <r> perhaps all cubes should be played with the same care you would give if you were trailblazing. <scottalap> Knowing that one is the trailblazer indicates no other human has worked the neuron trail <R> How do I get cubes to trailblaze? <> Trailblazing means you are the first one to submit this specific cube. You’ll get 50 points for it and more after 3 players have played it.   a> i know ever cube is new for me its like opening a package never know what i’ll find   <scottalap> Changes one’s mental perspective… Still thinking through this issue. My intuition suggests that I would be more careful with trailblazing and, one was not in the mood, one could <scottalap> skip the cube   <fa> maybe that is part of”why” you don’t know . we need every cube traced many times for consensus- different people find things missed like branches js <scottalap> Thx rinda for the feedback… Fascinating ciitizen science you all have initiated. I ...
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