Roku Technologies: P2P pioneer

Founder & Chair of Roku Technologies (1995-2000).

Led the conceptual design, product development, and strategy for an industry leader in the wireless connection of mobile devices with PCs and Internet-based peer to peer software.

Formed equity and joint venture partnerships with major technology companies such as Hewlett Packard, Nextel, and 3Com.

TelePad: First smartphone prototype & public tablet PC corp

Founder and chair of tablet computer company, TelePad Corporation. Took TelePad public as majority shareholder and raised 30 million dollars in equity capital in the first year (1993-94).

Planet Restaurant: First ‘Internet Cafe’

Conceived and financed in 1980 world's first Internet (Cyber) cafe called "The Planet Restaurant".

Internet cafe and 200 seat restaurant located at 1317 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC, three blocks north of the White House


We connected three terminals in a lounge to the Source (first online news and game service developed by William Von Meister, inspiration for AOL) as well as New Jersey Institute of Technology's EIS computer conferencing system .

Future Options Room: Early leader in futures research consulting

In 1974, established one of the first futures research consulting firms, Future Options Room (FOR)

Scienco: First microprocessor toys, games, & learning tools

Founder and partner(1976 to 1982). Scientific Entertainment Corporation (Scienco).

Scienco and its engineers designed and co-developed  some of the first consumer applications of the microprocessor  targeting the toy and game industry.

GMU: Pilots & projects

While researching how a research university functions at George Mason University, I was involved with facilitating and catalyzing a number of projects.


Some of the projects I facilitated include the creation of a Geospatial Intelligence certificate program; a multi-purpose meeting and presentation facility; and 2C Lab formed to facilitate Creativity and Collaboration including the creation of “Flex Offices” for faculty.

Spaces for work, play & knowledge sharing

Projects:  Dupont Circle Office Building in Washington, DC;  Bedford Springs eventually evolved into the present Bedford Springs Resort & Conference Center; Planet Restaurant & Internet Cafe, Roku Technology office spaces, and various GMU space related projects.

Projects Organized by type

Below is a synopsis of the wide range of innovative projects that Scot Joy has catalyzed and facilitated over the past forty years. The summary does not include more recent George Mason University projects.   

Education & Research

– As part of masters degree program in Education at the University of Massachusetts, worked with leading New England educators and large suburban real estate developers exploring how to design and build new kinds of educational communities (Discovery at Briggs Pond, 1970) and Supplemental and Alternative Programs (SAP Directory, 1972)

– Established one of the first futures research consulting firms with Jerome C. Glenn and leading futurists including Alvin Toffler, Herman Kahn, Ted Gordon, and Willis Harman  (Future Options Room, 1974)

– Designed one of the first microprocessor-base computers for children (Smart Alec, 1978)

– Designed and co-developed  some of the first consumer applications of the microprocessor licensed to Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers ,and other toy and game companies (Scientific Entertainment Company, 1979)

– VIX (Video Information Exchange), a pioneer in the sharing of information over cable (1983)

– Formed a non-profit foundation to provide a variety of educational materials, programs, and funding to support researchers and students in neurosciences and bioengineering ...

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